Lathe chip guards

Lathe chip guards are available for all types of centring lathes. The guard protects the operator from debris, such as flying chips and machining fluid sprays.

Lathe chuck guards

The lathe chuck guard prevents the operator’s hand or clothing from getting caught in the chuck while it is turning. For additional security, the chuck guard is designed in such a way that one cannot “forget” the spindle key in place by omission. These guards are available for manual centring lathes of different sizes and the type of guard to be used is selected according to the size of the lathe and its maximum workpiece diameter. Chuck guards are always equipped with a microswitch.

Lead screw guards

The lead screw guard prevents the operator´s coat hem from getting caught around the lead screw.
The lead screw guard is slected according to the size and dimensions of the lathe.

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