The SLS-103- is a complete chip guard assembly. It is suited for use with nearly all centring lathes. Both the spindle guard and the chip guard are mounted with bearings on a rail and can thus be easily moved aside when changing the workpiece. When machining small workpieces close to the spindle assembly, the spindle guard can be replaced with the chip guard. In this case the chip guard also serves as a spindle guard. The chip guard guide rail is dimensioned according to the length of the lathe.

Lightning included as a standard accessory for ease of operation.



Maximum work piece diameter: 500 mm (with longer front plate 600 mm)
Shield plate dimensions: 525 x 470 mm, 2 mm steel
Window: 5mm SAPHIR™ PC
Lightning: LED

SAPHIR™: The panel is hard-surfaced on both sides and has an improved resistance against scratching and abrasion as well as chemical and UV resistance. DIN 52348.