Positioning of chip guard SLS-106-900-PC-LED is easy thanks to the locking mechanism that can be released by using a handle. The free horizontal turning movement is equipped with an adjustable friction brake. A clamping screw allows the shield to be locked in the desired position. The standard LED lightning really tempts to use the guards.

Chip guards SLS-106-900-PC-LED are always delivered with a machine-specific mounting console.


Maximum diameter of workpiece: 900 mm
Arms: 650 mm and 745 mm
Shield dimensions: 590 x 500 mm, 2 mm aluminium
Window opening: 450 x 360 mm
Window: 5 mm SAPHIR™ PC
Accessories: Microswitch

SAPHIR™: The panel is hard-surfaced on both sides and has an improved resistance against scratching and abrasion as well as chemical and UV resistance. DIN 52348.